Hello Gettysburg!

Managed to hitch a ride with Cindy, a 14 year old grey Percheron mare, and her driver, Rebecca.  Amazingly, they were driving a Bell Telephone Company wagon, just like Peter Guibert did 100 years ago today!  What a coincidence – fate has been good to us this whole trek.

James Gettys Hotel our destination – and played a fun entertainment with our Blue and Grey Reunion band.

Meet us in Gettysburg!

Despite MotherNature’s best efforts, we are perfectly on schedule, and will arrive at the James Gettys Hotel at 12:00 noon, tomorrow, Thursday June 13.  Please join us at 27 Chambersburg Street in Gettysburg.

More rain.

Made 11 miles today.  In the rain.  Couldn’t have done it without the encouragement of the support team.  Just outside of Fayetteville, PA.  This puts us in a really good place, with about 20 miles to Gettysburg!

More honks!

Thanks for all the support we have been receiving  – honks, waves, hoagies!  Keep ’em coming, your moral support is keeping us going.  One foot in front of the other…

Right on track!


We made it to the Coffee Pot in Bedford today, and we are right on track! Many thanks to Gary James for hosting the team at Denny’s to celebrate. Tomorrow it’s on to Breezewood.